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Simple Instructions on How to Interpret Your Dreams


Dreams Workshop By Best Selling Author on Dream Interpretation, Colette Toach

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God wants you to interpret your dreams… and here’s why!

Dreams are given by the spirit of God and are no different to prophesy, visions, or a word of knowledge spoken in the church. They are simply a way for the Holy Spirit to communicate messages to your spirit.

It’s not something mystical. It’s a relationship, and it’s beautiful. It’s your inheritance to commune with God. To know His information, His thoughts for you, His feelings for you, and His vision for your life. Your dreams are filled with supernatural knowledge and wisdom that you can learn to discern and draw revelation from. And you don’t have to beg for it!

The only requirement…. is for you to desire this gift.

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June 9th @ 10am (PDT)

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Let’s Find Out What God is Saying To You

I’m going to take you through a few simple steps that are guaranteed to reveal the meaning of your dreams. I’m also going to pray that the Holy Spirit will impart and manifest this gift in your life. I’ll end off by explaining the difference between a dream from God and a nightmare from the enemy.

These are some topics we will cover

  • 3 Steps to interpret your dreams
  • What the people in your dream mean
  • Common symbols and their meaning in your dream
  • When to accept or discard a dream
  • How to step out on a dream interpretation
  • Is This dream for you or for someone else
  • When to share a dream and when to keep it to yourself

Apostles Craig & Colette Toach

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Time and Dates

When: June 9th
Time: 10am (PDT)

Receive The Gift of Dreams and Interpretation

In our breakout rooms, the group leader will lead you through a ministry activation project. Apostles Craig and Colette will also decree into your life for Him to activate this gift according to His plan.

Practice Dream Interpretation in a Safe Environment

Nobody gets their first interpretation 100% correct. But that’s ok, you’ll get live feedback on where you were accurate and how to improve through the Lord’s leading.

Receive an Interpretation For Your Dream

Bring your dream and receive the answers you’ve been seeking for. See dream interpretation in real-time by the leading of the spirit.

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"Very informative I have received impartations as I am reading the book this book has caused me to be excited to help others. If you are keen on wanting to hear the voice of God via dreams.. this is a must-have!!”


This is a must-have for every believer, I highly recommend it. This book taught me how to identify and interpret my own dreams and others as well, giving the believers the foundation that they needed to go on and press forward to what the Lord has for them

Yvette M. Nietzen


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God's Message Revealed to You

Apostle Colette Toach is going to do more than just explain simple symbols to you - she is going to help you decode the messages the Lord is giving you right now. It will give you your spiritual GPS for interpreting dreams and visions.

Everybody dreams but what not everyone knows is that the Lord is talking to you right now through your dreams. He is writing you sweet love notes!

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