My Prophetic Tribe


Raising the NextGen #PropheticChampionĀ 

Ā As weā€™ve grown, we feel the weight of our responsibility to nurture the prophets into their grace. The prophets are coming from the caves and wilderness. Each mentorship program has the grace to arm this incredible generation of prophetic people and prophets.

We host an 18-month prophetic training program. Itā€™s only available to our Tribe.

We are responsible for raising Prophetic Champions of reputation and character.

Their process requires personal investment and mentorship. They need a safe place to emerge from their cave!Ā 

So we now require all new Tribe members to apply for admission. This is the feature to protect our Tribe members, as they lead the charge moving forward. Champions in their own right. Ready to stand shoulder to shoulder, ready for battle!