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About Colette Toach

Apostle Colette Toach is a writer and minister focused on fivefold ministry training, leadership, and team building. She is the author of 40 books that are sold worldwide in Christian colleges, training schools, and church meetings.  

Her best-selling book; "The Apostolic Handbook" is used in Wagner Universities Apostolic Leadership course.

Her teachings have been published in Charisma Magazine and she has been interviewed on many podcasts such as Dr. Steve Greene’s Greenelines.

She and her husband Apostle Craig Toach, host the Next Gen Prophets podcast which has reached 320,000 prophets in over 100 countries.

It is how she was shaped by the hand of God, including her God-given circumstances in life, that has qualified her to stand in the positions she has been delegated and to be the person that she is today.


About Craig Toach

Co-founder of one of the longest-standing online prophetic schools, Apostle Craig Toach has been a spiritual father to prophets since 1999. He is the CEO of an international company that ships fivefold ministry training materials to leaders, businesses, and ministries.  

He oversees two fivefold ministry training schools and a non-profit organization whose focus is to empower community leaders to serve their people. This includes orphanges, schools, and community services.

His Daily Prophetic Word mailing list gets sent out to thousands of Christians every day. His goal is to unite the body of christ through the leading of the Holy Spirit and the prophetic words of the prophets.

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