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Did you know there are still tribes in the body of Christ?
Did you know God doesn’t require you to like every Christian?
Did you know there are 1,000’s of people with your story?



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Think about the last time you went to church and couldn’t connect with anyone. Nobody was at fault, they just weren’t your people. They didn’t speak your language. But here’s how I know we belong to the same tribe.

  1. You’ve got crazy in your blood. You want to help God’s people but you can’t stand them sometimes. Your idea of fun is praying for death and resurrection to be like Jesus.

  2. You’re tuned in to the frequency of the spirit. You sense things others don’t and seem to hear Jesus much better than others.

  3. You want to blast away complacency in the church. You don’t like singing kumbaya by the fire. You want to get to work and see people healed, set free, and mature in their call.

This is your prophetic DNA! It does not always mix well with others But you can’t fight your nature, you can only own it and develop it. So don’t settle for a tribe that you don’t belong to. Integrate into the one the Lord created you for. 


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Rich Vera - Prophetic Healing Encounter


 Tribe Join Us: 7pm (EST) Sept 28th & 29th

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Prophetic Healing Encounter with Prophet Rich Vera

Tribe join us at on Sept 28th!

Rich Vera is the President and Founder of VOICE OF HEALING OUTREACH, an International Prophetic Evangelistic Healing Ministry. He is also the Founder and Senior Pastor of The Center Arena, A Miracle and Revival House, in Orlando, Florida.

His passion is to live in the Presence and the Fire of God, through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to show the wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath, through the miracle-working power of the Holy Spirit.

September 28th

Join our Team in Florida!

MELBOURNE/ BREVARD CO. Join me this THUR & FRIDAY. 7pm Prophetic Healing Encounter... be there! Join us with your families. It's going to be a powerful service!

- Prophet Rich Vera

2 days of Prophetic Miracles, and Deliverance.


If you’ve been following our East Coast trip, then you feel the increased momentum. At P3 God confirmed, warned, and instructed of what was to come for Craig W. Toach and I and the #NextGenProphets.

At Prophet Rich Vera’s church, we were shifted in no uncertain terms! Our ENTIRE TEAM WAS LAID OUT!

Rebekah Jade Beckering said, “The power of God hit me so hard I had no control over my body until the Holy Spirit was done!” For some of my team, this was the first time they ever fell under the power of God.

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See you on September 28th!

Craig and I are honored to come under the mentorship of Prophet Rich, to serve, and submit. During the Summit multiple speakers prophesied, “God is aligning ministers and apostles that never worked together before, to establish His kingdom.”

I’m fired up when I say, “IT’S HAPPENING!” Leaders put aside their agendas to build one another’s territories.

Join Our Team in Florida

See You Sept 28th @ 7pm (EST)

Who Are The NextGen Prophets?
— Article Written by Apostle Colette Toach

"When you are born into ministry center life and God holds you back to impart to your team, you would be surprised how comfortable it becomes. It becomes so comfortable in fact, that you want to stay there forever.

The Lord had been pursuing Craig and I for some years, nudging us to become more public with our message. The strong call came when we were pursued by Ann Marie Kelly, a representative of Charisma Media. She did not let up and her message was clear - it was time to STEP OUT!

Along with our teams, we knew that God was not messing about. Within a number of weeks, our podcast Next Gen Prophets was born, and our mandate as apostolic parents began to take shape. 

So here we are today, blazing a trail, equipping you to do what God has called you to do, and loving the crazy process of it all!"

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